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field report app for iOS and Android
field report software for iOS and Android
punch list app for iOS and Android
field report app for iOS
field report app for Android
field report app

Designed for architects who value their time.

A simple field report and punch list tool that will save you hours of time and stress.

How does it work?

field report app for iOS




field report app for architects

1. Observe on site and save time

Forget your camera and notepad – with ArchiSnapper you can draft and access reports onsite. Photograph, draw, sketch, annotate and comment from your smartphone or tablet; all information is automatically numbered and classified. Your data is organized, digitized, and synced quickly and securely to the cloud. You can even use previous reports or standard checklists as templates for future site visits.

2. Upload your field report to the cloud

No longer do you need to struggle with USB sticks and cables. With ArchiSnapper your data is securely and wirelessly synced between your device(s) and the cloud; available for collaboration with anyone across the world using their smartphone, tablet or PC.

field report software

easy field reports app

3. Fine-tune and share your report

Draft a PDF report onsite, then preview, edit and send to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or PC. ArchiSnapper will pre-fill repetitive fields such as the report date so you don’t have to. Sent reports are logged by ArchiSnapper, so you know who received your reports and when. Collaborate on reports with web links that can be shared with anyone.

From drafting to sending, with ArchiSnapper you can cut your inspection time in half (or more).

Struggling to find time to complete field reports? No more…

With ArchiSnapper, field reports are ready to be edited and sent before you’ve left the job site.

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Everyone in the office is using ArchiSnapper because it is easy to use and saves us time. It’s a terrific solution for field reports and site surveys.


ArchiSnapper has been a refreshing addition to our firm's construction services – it saves us precious time and keeps projects moving forward efficiently.


Pays for itself immediately! Very easy to work with on a daily basis.

Tired of writing field reports late at night?

Let ArchiSnapper do all the heavy lifting with drafting on site, auto-fill functionality and much more.

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 Faster site visits

Collect data, create sketches, save pictures and markup comments on site using your smartphone or tablet.

 One-click reports

Say goodbye to endless typing – your reports are generated while you’re driving back to the office.

 Edit and share

Finetune your reports online, then send them out in PDF format with your company branding and ArchiSnapper’s professional template.

 Access anywhere

Store all your reports in your secure private cloud, for access anywhere at any time.

 Automatic backups

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from secure daily backups.

 All devices

Use ArchiSnapper on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, or on the web via your PC or Mac.

 Import and Export

Upload your contacts and projects. Export and sync with FTP or Dropbox.

 Super support

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