About ArchiSnapper

The story

In 2012 we were running an online and mobile Software business, building business software and apps for SME's and multinationals around the globe. Operating from Belgium, heart of Europe, with employees in Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Poland.

A certain moment, beginning 2012, one of our clients was a small Architecture firm asking for a kind of "field reporting software". They told us they lost hours and hours per week making weekly field reports and punch lists, and wanted a simple iPad application to automate the administrative part.

Instead of selling them a $50,000 project, we proposed them to build it for free, and they could just subscribe once it would be ready, paying around $50 a month. They where thrilled, and gave us some other names of small studios that would be interested.

Fast forward. Today over 2,000 Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals trust our services to make field reports and save hours a week.

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The Management

pieter eerlings
Pieter Eerlings (Peter)

pieter eerlings
Jeroen De Paepe (Jerry)

pieter eerlings
Caroline De Basecqz