Engineers | ArchiSnapper - App for Field Reports and Construction Collaboration

App for engineers

Forget about downloading and uploading pictures and struggling with the layout in Word. Generate customized inspection reports in record time.

Snap photos

Use the ArchiSnapper app to record observations or issues with pictures on site with your phone or tablet. Annotate on your photos or add captions to make things even more clear.

Location-based work

Show other parties exactly where items are located by placing numbered pointers on plans. Or annotate what needs to be done with notes and sketches.

Checklist based inspections

Convert your current paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes, complete inspections on site and generate customized inspection reports with one click.

Customize the PDF layout

Customize the layout of the PDF field reports to your needs: logo, header, footer, font size, picture size, ... Produce professional looking field reports to impress your clients even more.

One click reports

ArchiSnapper automatically generates a beautiful PDF field report that you can email to anyone with one click. Manage your email templates and track the 'sent history' to know who received your reports and when.

Clone previous reports

Start from the previous field report when creating a new one, and take it from there in stead of manually copying items.

Signature capture

Once the inspection process has been completed, involved parties can sign off on the report electronically and save it for their records.