HSE | ArchiSnapper - App for Field Reports and Construction Collaboration

App for safety professionals

Most safety professionals use checklists when doing safety inspections. ArchiSnapper is a simple but very powerful app for checklist based safety inspections: build checklists, conduct inspections, and share reports

Take your paper checklists digital

Convert your current paper checklists or Excel spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. Share your templates with your team and standardize auditing processes.

Complete inspections on site

Conduct inspections from anywhere regardless of whether you have internet access or not. Complete the checklist items to review with status, notes, pictures, due dates, assignees and more. Voice to text makes note entry fast and easy as you walk the site. Confirm the inspection report with sign offs.

Generate and distribute a customized PDF report

ArchiSnapper automatically generates a branded inspection report that you can email to anyone with one click. Sent reports are logged so you know who received your reports and when.

Reporting and analytics

Pinpoint issues, spot trends and take preventative actions with analytics of your audit data.

Schedule reports

Schedule automated emails to involved partiers, with their pending issues.