Construction Field Reports | ArchiSnapper -

Field Report App

With ArchiSnapper, architects, engineers, and contractors generate construction field reports in a snap.

Document observations on-site

Add text and snap photos to record observations or issues on-site. Annotate your photos or drawings. Locate your observations on PDF plans and assign them to contacts. Voice-to-text makes note entry fast and easy as you walk the site. Automatically capture the weather info based on your location.

Generate and distribute a PDF field report

ArchiSnapper automatically generates a professional PDF field report that you can email to anyone with one click from the App or from your desktop. Email subject line and body are prefilled – just hit send.

Sent reports are logged, so you'll know who received your reports and when.

Customize the layout

Customize your PDF report’s layout - its logo, header, footer, font size, picture size, and much more - however you like! Produce professional-looking field reports to impress your clients even more.

Sign off with digital signatures

Promote accountability with digital signature capture.