About ArchiSnapper

The story

In 2012 we were running an online and mobile software business, building software and apps for small, medium and large companies around the globe. Operating from Belgium with employees in Belgium, Spain, Poland and Italy.

At one point, begin 2012, one architecture studio asked us to build some kind of field report application. They were struggling to find time for weekly field reports and punch lists and wanted a simple iPad application to automate this tedious process (typing out notes, inserting photos, …).

Instead of selling them a $50.000 project, we told them they could just take a monthly subscription of $89 once the application was ready. They were thrilled and brought us in touch with other architect studios and contractors that would be interested.

Fast forward. Today ArchiSnapper is used by +5.000 Architects, Contractors and Engineers to save multiple hours per week with their field reports and punch lists.

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The founders

field report app Jeroen De Paepe (Jerry)
field report app Pieter Eerlings (Peter)

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